Wind & Rain


Riding a bike as I do most days you know that sometimes you will get wet and the wind will blow.  To be honest I generally don’t mind the rain and last night was a great example.  Setting off from work I knew that it was going to be a tricky ride home but like many things it comes down to the mind and I was totally up for it.  For the next 40 minutes the rain tipped it down and car drivers looked at me through the spray as if it was mad but I felt great, legs were pumping and keeping me warm and all the stresses and strains of a day at the paperface were washed away.  I was properly grinning like the joker, even the stinging of the rain on my face had no effect what so ever.  What I do struggle with though is the wind, firstly as you feel that you are often putting in huge effort and going nowhere but mostly the gusts which freak me out that I’m going to get blown into the traffic.  Still, even though i’ll ride in most stuff, you won’t find me venturing out like these Dutch guys who are the masters at riding in the wind – hold onto that bike !

thanks to The Inner Ring and Big Ring Riding for the clip


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