I’m fascinated by creativity and what it is.  I feel that it is one of the strange intangible things that you cannot touch or even describe but you know it when you see it.  I like the fact that it drives us forward in all aspects of human development – science, art, literature, trade, engineering etc are all enhanced through creative thinking and development.  I don’t in any way work in what would be a described as a creative industry – in fact I struggle with that term, after all isn’t all the best industry creative by it’s very nature, irrespective of the particular field that you are working in?

Today I was just watching tele with my girls and I noticed that one of them was beavering away with scissors, paper and pens – nothing unusual there, it’s what kids do.  However after lunch she came through and said “Dad I’ve created a game” and proceeded to show us a simple but fun and enjoyable game that she had come up with.  We played it, laughed and enjoyed ourselves.

Creativity in action

photo credit: laffy4k


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