Little Rewards

It’s important when you are getting everything ready for the big Chrimbo bash that you make time to provide yourself with little rewards as you go through the day.  Hot mince pie, blob of ice cream and fresh macchiato will do for me for now.


Bike Bits

Wish I’d known about the clocks, cleats and cranks website in the run up to Chrimbo as that would have been my list sorted.  Clocks, lamps and toilet roll holders made out of bike parts – what’s not to like?



The first in what I suspect will be a long running series of posts on food and breakfast in particular.  I’m a total supporter of the adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and am amazed at the amount of people who turn up to work having not eaten.  For me breakie should be either a contemplative affair as you let your brain and body ease into the day or it should be a fun family time giving you the chance to chat, catch up and laugh together.  When it really comes into it’s own is where you maybe have a bit more time (or have got up a bit earlier to create that time) and you put a bit more effort into it.  One of my favs is scotch pancakes served with a variety of toppings, hot apple and pear goes well but these little beauties go with anything and are a firm fav in our house where they get whoofed down with all sorts on them – honey, chocolate spread, jam, marmite, cheese, crispy bacon bits, sugar and lemon.  Make a batch of these let everyone dig in and watch the perfect start to the day unfold.