Lovely today to go and walk off the mince pies down by the canal.  It’s been pretty wet and wild over the last couple of days but today it broke crisp and clear with not a breath of wind.  Pint in a cosy pub then a stroll along the canal – perfect.  One of the real pleasures of living in a city is these ribbons of history that drift out from the centre.  It’s remarkable that as you walk along you get a totally different view of the city that you live in and also that there is such greenery, space and freshness.  I like the whole history of them, the genius of the lock structures and how they have now been reinvented as places for stillness, walking, cycling and just generally watching the world go by at a slower pace.  Every time I’ve seen a lock in action I can’t help but think that if we were inventing something similar today it would be packed full of electronic  wizardry and wouldn’t last half the time that the old mechanisms have done.  It reminds me of the story of NASA spending millions to come up with a pen that could write in space, the Russians looked at the same problem and went for a pencil.


2 thoughts on “Canals

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