Who’d have thought that something as simple as Rock and Roll would save us all ???

In thinking about my albums of the year there were of course many other contenders, both with great albums or simply with songs that really lifted the others around them to keep that album at the forefront of my listening.  There were others that were from 2010 but that I’ve mostly been playing this year, the Band of Horses album Infinite Arms definitely falls into that category being probably my most played album of the year.  However there was one track that was the most uplifting, put a smile on your face number and that was I Still Believe by Frank Turner in which Frank dispenses his belief in all things rock and roll.  Simply fantastic and makes me feel there is still some fire left in the old belly yet.  Here he is converting the young uns at Reading with an acoustic version.


Albums of the Year

A good year for albums but the top 3 for me were:

3rd: J Mascis – Several Shades of Why.  Who would have thought that after years of rifferama at the head of the mighty Dinasaur Jnr, J would turn up with this beautifully crafted album of mostly acoustic songs.

Here’s J performing the title track

2nd: PJ Harvey – Let England Shake.  The incomparable and consistently brilliant Polly Jean Harvey returned this year with a haunting take on what it means to be English and England’s place in the world.  Rightly the winner of the Mercury.

Here’s the mesmeric PJ performing the title track on Jools

1st: My Morning Jacket – Circuital.  Jim James and the gang from Louisville return with a great warm hearted slice of American rock.  Very annoyed that I missed them live this year.

Here they are performing one of my favs on the album ‘Outta My System’