Depressed Superheroes

The alter egos of, for example, Bruce Wayne, David Banner and Peter Parker resulted in 3 fantastic superheroes with the back stories behind the characters making them so iconic.  Wayne is driven by a dark need for vengeance following the murder of his parents and seeks to take revenge on the criminals of Gotham City;  Parker is an orphan and dealing with growing adolescence and the loneliness and rejection that many teenagers face; Banner is Jekyll & Hyde reborn as he struggles to deal with his rage and emotional anger.  They, and many of the other brilliant characters in the genre, work because I feel that they allow us to look inside ourselves and to reflect that light and shade that all of us deal with at some point in our lives.  Who has never felt anger, resentment, loneliness or a need for revenge ?  Of course when we think of their alter egos clear pictures will pop into our minds of Batman, Spiderman and the Hulk as the characters have been brilliantly drawn, filmed and recreated over the years.  I was struck therefore when I recently came across an inversion of the art with a series of pictures of “depressed superhereos” produced by the artist Lora Zombie.  I really liked the  idea that after a hard days (or nights) work being a super they might need to hang up the cape and slump down.



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