Jaume Plensa

photo credit: www.exporevue.com

I first came across Jaume Plensa’s work by accident when I stumbled across his piece “Jerusalem” at the modern art gallery in Palma, Majorca.  I found it a truly awe inspiring and sensory piece which is simply known as the gongs to me and friends.

Then in Nice we came across these pieces that were commissioned to coincide with the opening of the new tram system and change colours at night.  They were again a totally unexpected pleasure to find.

photo credit: farm4.static.flickr.com

photo credit: http://www.panoramio.com

I did not at the time connect the work in Nice to the gongs I had previously seen in Majorca so imagine my surprise when I learnt that the gongs were coming to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park along with the biggest collection of Plensa’s work ever brought together in one place.  The exhibition has been running since April 2011 and it is a stunning affair, the best exhibition I have ever been to.  I believe that it has been the Sculpture Park’s most successful collection, and far better people than me have written about it, but I do find it both awe inspiring and thought provoking.  I went along again recently and his work looks fantastic in the low winter sun.

The exhibition only runs for the next couple of weeks (it finishes on 22 Jan) so if you have not seen it or been to the Sculpture Park I would urge you to get along as you will never get the chance to view the work in this way again.  It’s stunning.


Breakfast #3


Last night I got all my bike stuff together ready for the 1st ride in of the New Year, despite having to go back to work I was looking forward to the ride blow the cobwebs off.  I was therefore somewhat disappointed to wake up to a hurricane blowing outside and ditched the ride which would otherwise have been like the Dutch guy in the video in my previous post.  I consoled myself with the mighty poached egg for breakfast – the epitome of fast food.  I recently had a bit of a revelation in the cooking of the poached egg thanks to Jamie Oliver.  What I now do is line a ramekin or other such vessel with a big sheet of cling-film, leaving plenty to hang over the sides, and then add some seasoning and flavour.  So today I put some salt and pepper, thyme and chilli flakes into the bottom, then cracked the egg and then some more flavour on top.  Bring the cling film together, twist it and tie a knot and then poach as normal.  When done just tip the egg out of the cling film and hey presto spicy herby poached egg – yum.

Forever Bicycles

More bicycles, this time in the artistic context.

Dissident Chines artist Ai Weiwei has created an astounding piece of art by piling 1,200 bicycles on top of each other to great effect. The exhibition is in Taipei, Taiwan and because the artist is forbidden to travel from China, he can’t be there.

Appropriately the show is called Absent.