I don’t think that I get too hung up about brands (others who know me may well disagree) but I do know what I like and howies is right up there for me.  Their approach is best summed up by them in their own words

Our Way

We are howies, a small active clothing company based in Cardigan Bay on the west coast of Wales.

We make men’s and women’s clothing for the sports we love – biking, running and the outdoors, as well as for our day to day lives.

We believe in a thing called quality. We believe that making a product which lasts longer is better for the environment.

And we believe in making our stuff in a low impact way. So all of our t-shirts, sweatshirts and jeans are made from organic cotton and no silly stuff. After all, that just seems like common sense to us.By the way, we also believe that tea should be made in a pot. But that’s just our way…

and they deliver just that as well as supporting riders, surfers etc.  I wear one of their incredible merino base layers almost every day and it works brilliantly.  They are of course just a clothing company but as we’ve got to wear stuff everyday I like supporting a Welsh company making good stuff.

There was much debate (by those who support them) a few years ago when howies got bought out and became part of a much larger entity, however they have recently bought themselves back out of the arrangement and are now independent again.  Hope they enjoy running on their own again and to remember they will always have friends to run with.


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