Sometimes you just need to look what’s under your nose


Much as I love watching the pro road riders what I love to do is cross country mountain biking and there is very little better in the world for me than to head up into the Dales and ride the bridleways up there.  Today saw the first off road ride of the year but there was no time to get up into the Dales, no worries said my good mate PB lets go local.  He then took me on a fantastic route using tracks through woods, bridleways, canal towpaths etc.  It made me again look at the city I live in through totally different eyes as we went to places that I simply didn’t know existed and you would never have believed that you were in the middle of a big city, incredibly refreshing.  PB also managed to work the route to stop off at a great pub halfway round.

As we rode and chatted we also came across some great little historical and quirky landmarks including the place where 30,000 people turned up in the 1820’s to watch ‘Prophet’ John Wroe attempt to part the river Aire and walk across the river bed !, the chapel where Spike Milligan got married and the cricket  ground where Sir Len Hutton learnt his trade.  So while riding in the Dales is great sometimes you just need to look what’s right under your nose.

It was muddy out there though !


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