I cannot deny that when i heard that Tintin was going to be filmed and that Spielberg was involved I was very excited.  I was immediately transported back to my childhood and the delight I took in reading Tintin and his fantastic adventures that were packed full of daring do, humour and great characters.  Captain Haddock and the Thompson Twins forming the perfect foil the earnest endeavours of the young reporter.  I think that the books (would they be graphic novels today ?) were one of the first things that sparked my interest in far away places and what may or may not be happening there and the thrill that I get from going somewhere new taps strait into these formative memories.  I became worried however when the few reviews that I read were pretty harsh on the film but I was still going to go along, to be honest this is one of the few children’s films I’d have gone to even without the kids.  The film is not right out of the top draw but neither do I think it deserves some of the panning that it’s had.  I wonder have we been spoilt over the last few years due to the Pixar effect that has set such a high bar.  I don’t subscribe to the view that just because you have not hit this bar you have failed,  the film is rich in ambition and I enjoyed it.  Interestingly my kids had no prior knowledge of Tintin but I looked across during the film and they were literally sitting on the edge of their seats completely transfixed so no failure there and they have since shown an interest in the original books.  Now when is Asterik going to get the big budget treatment.


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