The Trip


I am an enormous fan of the television series The Trip which aired last year in the UK. Coogan and Brydon were simply wonderful as loose sketches of themselves against a foodie backdrop – what wasn’t to like about this acutely observed and carefully conceived BBC television series. It was everything you’d want from two of the UK’s leading comedians – embarrassing, hilarious, serious, fascinating and immensely watchable. It crossed over genres too, so…all good.

But it’s old news so I won’t dwell on it.

And I came across these posters – it looks like it must have been released as a movie in the US (Lord knows what *that* edit must have looked like, the series will be almost inaccessible to anyone outside of our odd view of the world). I’d be interested to see how it was boiled down, as it were.

Anyway, these posters, whilst being very well put together don’t really represent the series as I saw it. I can see that the brief was ‘confrontational Brits get it on in a foodie environment’ they just aren’t right for me. I accept they sell the film to another audience but I’m interested to see if anyone out there found a disconnect with these and the film.

They reference lots of foodie graphic language, so boxes ticked there.But I have to say it felt like a graphic exercise where neither the client or the designer really understood what they were trying to convey.