Twitter – yikes

Yikes indeed, this feels like the first day at school when you are stood at the gates, nervous and not knowing anyone or what on earth is going to happen next.  I’ve always been totally skeptical of the social media phenomenon that has whirled around me.  Not on facebook and never will be and have never been sure about twitter.  My co blogger Phil, is however the total reverse to me and what he doesn’t know about it is not worth knowing, we have chatted and chatted about it and he has been encouraging me for ages that it is something I would like.  Since we set up the blog a month ago I’ve massively enjoyed the writing of it and as the conclusion to this post suggested, having new experiences is all good.  So after much umming and aarghing I’ve signed up to the dreaded little bird today, no idea what’s going to happen and I apologise in advance for all the mistakes that I will make.  So say hello @ianstreet67 – Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks ?


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