Lunch at Reliance

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t think there’s a finer chilled out dining experience in Leeds.

Lunch in particular is great there: the light spills in through the enormous windows even in the depths of winter. And if you manage to get a large circular table or better still one of the rectangular refectory style tables, you’re set for a good afternoon. The bar and dining room is always filled with a generous, easy warmth as people eat, drink, read, talk, work.

In some ways it’s one of the hardest places to have just a pint and a sandwich in that you just want to linger awhile.

Today was one of those days – a quick catch up lunch in between meetings, a cheeky pint of eponymous Reliance ale and the best fish and chips anywhere in Leeds. The fish was light and creamy, encased in a super crisp Erdinger beer batter and the chips were clearly twice fried. I was feeling greedy so had both mushy peas and home-made tartare sauce.

My lunch companion Ian (yes, he of this blog) is not a big fish eater but he claimed a road to Damascus-esque experience after polishing off his fish and chips in very short order.