Friday night curry


Sometimes at the end of the week it can be tricky to rustle up something that we all want and will enjoy, the habit of compromise can often leave me creating something that fills a hole but does not necessarily excite the tastebuds.  When you have one that does not really eat meat and quite likes things spicy and another who likes mild and meaty it can prove a bit of conundrum.  I’m lucky in that I live close by to a cracking curry house that I’ve been taking them to since they were babies and at least that way we can all get what we want, the downside being that it costs.  Tonight I was determined to get the curry right and managed to knock up this pan of beauty , which although not meaty managed to get the heat and spice just right so that all tucked in and pronounced themselves satisfied.  I think it was the cold beer, chilled out mood I was in and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds rocking the kitchen which were the secret ingredients.  Can’t beat a nice curry.


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