Old Faithfuls


These are my bike gloves, made by Endura a Scottish company that makes great quality and well priced cycling clothes, and they have seen better days.  Some of the gel pads are still in place but the much of the padding across the top of the hand has long since been ripped out, the grips on the braking fingers no longer exist, much of the webbing is torn and both of my index fingers poke out through the top where the stitching has split.  This may sound like they are not very good gloves but nothing could be further from the truth, despite the fact that they are on their last legs I’m loathe to get rid of them to buy some more although I know that day is fast approaching.  They have taken some fearful hammer over the last few years and the fact that they are still functioning and largely intact is testament to the quality of their construction.  Mud, rain, rock, gravel, snow, ice, wind, sweat and blood have all put them to the test over the years and they battle on, now moulded perfectly to my hands and providing a perfect grip and feel when riding and as soon as I slip them on my mind just goes “Lets go !”  Battered they may be but they’ll be on again riding in the Dales this weekend as always – Old Faithfuls indeed.


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