Image Credit: Becky Gammon

I was watching a documentary about Billy Connelly (no heckling please) the other day and he was talking about laughter and the ability to make people laugh.  He explained there was no secret to comedy and that it was something that all of us possess.  He suggested walking into any pub or bar that is near where people work around 5.30-6.00 and watch and you will see groups of people not chuckling but laughing uproarishly –  it is something that we all do, can do and enjoy doing and life is generally so much more enjoyable when we are doing so.  Something so simple and natural but nourishing to the core.

I was reminded of this recently when I picked up the kids from school and as I was pootling about all I could hear was laughter, I stayed out of the way grabbed a cup of tea and just listened.  No video games, TV or any other distractions just the kids making up games that seemed to dissolve into the most infectious belly laughter imaginable.  Made me smile.