Book and Covers #2

Photo credit: Amy Baxter / The Guardian

In the book club the old adage of can you judge a book by it’s cover often crops up and perhaps unsurprisingly you can indeed often judge the book by the cover.  I’ve no idea how the publishing industry works, do book companies recognise the inherent quality in certain books and make sure that the cover reflects this whereas for others they don’t put in the same budget or effort ?   There are also of course wider questions about the relevance of cover art in this age of ebooks.

Recently Faber and Faber in conjunction with The Guardian Children’s Books ran a competition to design a new cover for the iconic book Lord of the Flies.  A brief was produced and the competition was open to children between 13-16.  The overall winning cover (see illustration above) by Amy Baxter aged 15 has just been announced entitled ‘Into The Mouth of the Beast’ which Amy described as follows:

I tried to encapsulate all the feelings of the book in one picture, the primitive nature of the boys and their fear, all rooting in the form of the beast.

As well as Amy’s striking cover there are some incredibly vivid, skilfull and imaginative ideas in the winners gallery which you can view here

Looks like all you highly paid and charging designers need to look over your shoulders.