Sport Relief Mile

I’m not in any way shape or form a runner, neither do I participate in any charity raising but this year my girls wanted to take part in the sport relief mile.  (For those who read this blog not from this country, and amazingly there are some, sport relief raises money for charity every 2 years getting people across the country to do sporting challenges with all money raised going to charities in this country and abroad).   It was expected that over 1 million people were going to take part in the organised fun runs across the country so we registered, the girls got fundraising, and we pitched up in Leeds city centre this morning to clear blue skies and lots of fancy dress costumes.

The warm up area got everyone in a good mood and enabled me to be a totally embarrassing dad and get my groove on in public as I got shuffling to Party Rocking (if you’ve been living on Mars and are not aware of the mighty shuffle then check out the vid below)

Orville was giving it some and must have been getting a serious sweat on in his full on green outfit !  What was lovely about the event was that it was everything sport should be: inclusive, fun, social, participatory with every imaginable age, shape, ability, disability and no ability all taking part.  Dick and Dom were running in our section which had kids shouting out bogies ! (an in joke for Dick and Dommers I believe)


On your Marks ….




It’s all going to be OK we have Captain America running with us


Those feet are made for running (and shuffling)


For once the city centre is full of runners and not shoppers


Done, all got round OK with one of the kids taking up the shuffling theme and deciding to dance all the way round ! Kids are already gearing up for next year.


All in all a thoroughly enjoyable experience, might even have got the running bug !




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