Costume Drama

Fancy Dress Party – for me the 3 scariest words in the English Language.  On the staggeringly rare occasion that I’m invited to one I’ve always managed to be doing something else that evening like, oh I don’t know carving my eyes out with a spoon, but this Saturday I find myself attending a said soiree which also has a particular theme.  A fellow attendee suggested having a look at costumes down at the West Yorkshire Playhouse costume hire which was something new to me.

Never mind the party what an amazing place, an Aladdin’s cave of every type of costume known to man.  I was not aware that the costume department for the playhouse, as well as crafting the amazing outfits that we see on stage, have a side arm in hiring them out, not just to Am Dram groups and the like but to individuals as well.  You walk in and incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff great you and enquire what you want.  It’s like a living manifestation of Mr Benn.  This is where anyone who has dressing up pretensions needs to be as the whole place is themed according to decade so whether you fancy Henry VIII, ABBA or Downton Abbey chic it’s all there.

So if you ever need a costume for whatever takes your fancy you know where to go.


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