British Sea Power are a quintessentially British rock group.

They have been ploughing their own unique musical furrow for around seven years now and they seem to get more eccentric as they get older. Not for them the trappings of arena stardom, oh no. They prefer to play in Cornish tin mines and release EPs every month. I wrote a post on them some time back which you can read here.

I’ve just got back from seeing them at their own club night in Bright on called Krankenhaus.

In line with their own, shall we say *unique brand of thinking* they are not touring this year (after a couple of particularly heavy years on the road) instead hosting their own evenings where they can do what the hell they like. Each month the format differs but it basically centres around BSP playing a full set. On this occasion it was their landmark first album ‘The Decline of…’ – played in its entirety, which got the fans in a state of proper excitement, yours truly included. The rest of the evening consisted of book readings, DJ sets and support bands.

There’s not much point going too much down the fanboy details of the night, but suffice it to say it delivered on every level for the hardcore BSP fan: newly designed merchandise, a venue so small we were virtually on the stage with the band, a return for the old keyboard player and erstwhile drummer Eamon and much, much more. The evening ended with a mass jam onstage whilst lead guitarist Noble crowd surfed and climbed up on the balcony, which to be honest is par for the course at most BSP gigs.

Here’s a few pics to give you a flavour of the evening.


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