50 Things To Do Before You Are 11 (or go to high school)

Now I’m not one for lists of things that you should do and physically recoil at things like 50 things to do before you die etc, my approach is simply if you keep your eyes and mind open then opportunities will come along, take them and your life will be full of fun things.  I was however taken by a list my kids gave me recently which they have pinned up in the kitchen which they saw on Newsround I think and that gives lots of fun ideas for things to do outside.  I’m not worrying about how many are ticked off but already know that the spring and summer is going to be fun.  Here’s the list which might well come in handy for the “mmm what shall we do today moments” that we all have:

  • Climb a tree
  • Roll down a really big hill
  • Camp out in the wild
  • Build a den
  • Skim a stone
  • Run around in the rain
  • Fly a kite
  • Catch a fish with a net
  • Eat an apple straight from a tree
  • Play conkers
  • Throw some snow
  • Hunt for treasure on the beach
  • Make a mud pie
  • Dam a stream
  • Go sledging
  • Bury someone in the sand
  • Set up a snail race
  • Balance on a fallen tree
  • Swing on a rope swing
  • Make a mud slide
  • Eat blackberries growing in the wild
  • Take a look inside a tree
  • Visit an island
  • Feel like you’re flying in the wind
  • Make a grass trumpet
  • Hunt for fossils and bones
  • Watch the sun wake up
  • Climb a huge hill
  • Get behind a waterfall
  • Feed a bird from your hand
  • Hunt for bugs
  • Find some frogspawn
  • Catch a butterfly in a net
  • Track wild animals
  • Discover what’s in a pond
  • Call an owl
  • Check out the crazy creatures in a rock pool
  • Bring up a butterfly
  • Catch a crab
  • Go on a nature walk at night
  • Plant it, grow it, eat it
  • Go wild swimming
  • Go rafting
  • Light a fire without matches
  • Find you way with a map and compass
  • Try bouldering
  • Cook on a campfire
  • Try abseiling
  • Play geocache
  • Canoe down a rive

So get outside there’s fun to be had I’d say and not just for the children !


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