Forms @ National Media Museum, Bradford

Paid one of my occasional visits to the Media Museum in Bradford recently and I must admit I’ve always had mixed feelings about it having never really been sure that the museum as a whole works.  At the moment they have an exhibition called “In The Blink of An Eye” which is a cultural tie in with the Olympics and features a fantastic collection of sporting images, some good features on different photographic techniques and two commissioned works one of which “Forms” I found mesmerising.

In some respects the idea is simple, film a variety of sports in action and “digify” the movement contained within that sport.  However the execution is far more subtle and striking than that premise. The animated graphic effectively seeks to capture then energy within each particular sport displayed on a massive screen.  In watching the repeating displays tumble across the screen (I think that there are 10 sports represented) you can step back and see the sport displayed on a smaller screen like the gymnast (above on the bottom right), or as I preferred ignore the screen and just watch the tumbling, exploding pixels of energy.  I could have stood there for hours.  The pictures above do not in any way do it justice, I’m not sure how long the exhibition is on for but if you are around then check it out (the exhibition also includes a great photo of Edward and Mrs Simpson levitating !).  Must admit though that I found it a bit odd that an exhibition celebrating the capture of moments using photography banned the taking of pictures.

Of course could not go to Bradford without checking out the new puddle:

I must admit that although one puddle does not a regenerated city make, it made me smile and everyone else who was there which has got to be a good sign.


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