I have to admit that after the fantastic Tequila tasting evening at Pinche Pinche in Leeds, I’ve got a little bit obsessed about Tequila.

We learnt all about how 100% agave is the only way to go from Leeds legend Skippy (he of Mojo fame) and how the different types of Tequila reflect how they are produced and every nuance is present in the drink itself. The tequilas we drank were very similar to fine malts or cognac – not the rank stuff you get as shots in bars. Anyway it was a school night and I was up early the following day with a surprisingly light head.

Then seeing this week a wonderful selection of bottle designs on The Dieline website…well I just had to share it. I love how it goes from minimalist, modernist chic through to home grown authentic in the blink of an eye. I think it reflects how Tequila is all things to all men and apparently the fastest growing drinks ‘category’ in the world right now.

What’s your favourite?