Urban Etiquette

I read an interesting piece recently by Desmond Morris who described eloquently how we’re still evolving as humans and one of our most significant achievements is our ability to live in huge numbers, in such close proximity to each other. He reminded us that this wouldn’t have been possible a thousand years ago, as we simply wouldn’t be able to do it without killing each other in great numbers.

I was interested then to see this Urban Etiquette Project where a range of well-designed vouchers were created to reward fellow citizens for good behaviour and reprimand for bad. Of course etiquette varies the world over and what is acceptable in London is completely out of order in Japan but I did think it was interesting that the rules of living together could be articulated this way.

I love the slightly sanctimonious tone of voice on these vouchers and it’s no surprise they’ve come out of California. Why not print some and dish them out on your local bus service and see what kind of response you get?


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