Bradford Curry Tweetup

If you had said to me 6 months ago that I’d have found myself in the company of complete strangers at a random get together that had been organised through Twitter I’d have given you permission to beat me severely with a blunt instrument, however that was indeed the situation that I found myself in recently after having accepted a  Twitter invite to a Bradford Curry Crawl organised by @irnaqureshi.  I’m relatively new to the twitter game but the randomness of someone I don’t know inviting people for a curry in Bradford totally appealed, as I wrote in this post having new experiences and encounters is fundamental to a happy life and this seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

We met at Zouk’s on the Leeds/ Bradford Road and that turned out to be a great find for me and I’d certainly go back.  I always like a place that has got a large hot grill as soon as you walk in so you know the meat is going to have a great flavour to it.  Credit to everyone who took a punt and turned up, a lovely mix of people and experiences with Irna acting as the perfect host.  Broad range of topics covered including pop up afternoon teas (through twitter), what’s Bettakulchure all about, keeping chickens, science v art, Bradford, politics (a bit), food, breadmaking, the differing rice habits of Asian cultures etc.  I learnt and enjoyed things throughout the evening and huge credit to Irna for throwing the idea out there and of course my fellow Tweetuppers for putting up with my ramblings for the evening.

The whole evening made me smile, if there is another and you fancy smiling too then come along.


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