Middle Aged Moshing (aka Big Kids Should Know Better)

Photo Credit: Phil Dean

British Sea Power are well liked on this blog and have been watched many times up here in the North and Deano has blogged previously about heading down to Brighton to see one their resident Krankenhaus nights and Friday saw Phil, myself and Carl (from Milnersblog) head down to Krankenhaus 6 which promised much merriment and good tunes as BSP looked to bang out most of their singles.

Early start saw us down in Brighton for lunchtime where we pitched up at our digs for the night which was a room in seafront flat that had been organised through Air B&B , an interesting concept where you rent a night in someone’s house (effectively like posh couchsurfing).  Phil  had stayed at the same place previously and the owner seemed quite chilled about having us 3 lumps in the house.  It’s not something I’ve tried before but I’ll definitely be giving it a look again in the future.

Now I must admit I’m a huge Brighton fan (the scruffy Nice of Britain?) and have been many times but for Carl it was his first visit so there was plenty to soak up.  I think it has a great feel as a city, seems to have something going on no matter what your tastes and of course having a massive long promenade and beach aids the sort of ambling along stopping regularly for grazing that I like to do.  I also love the fact that they have left the hulk of the destroyed pier intact which for me perfectly illustrates that there is beauty in decay

Now my companions on the trip are very visual people and hot shot snappers but I feel that I humbly held my own with a couple of these  camera shots !  Although the weather was nowhere near the heat we have been having it was still comfortable to be sat outside, which we soon were with some lovely sea food and wine on one of the beachfront bars, it felt a long way from Leeds and in fact as we wandered around the city we all agreed that there was much that our home in the North could learn from the way that Brighton appears to be going about things.

We then headed off into around the Lanes and the Brighton Pavilion before a little bit more grazing

The final photo in the sequence was taken by Carl and you can see some more fantastic photos of the trip over on his blog here .  After heading back to the flat and nice chat with the owner the sun was setting so we headed out to the gig but I managed to capture another couple of shots along the front which I liked

The gig was at The Haunt which I liked as a venue, low slung ceilings that as you got nearer the stage opened up into a double height atrium which gave the band plenty of scope to add their idiosyncratic touches of decorations and the area was liberally festooned with branches and leaves.

Now I’ve done plenty of moshing (and the odd crowd surf) back in the day but I leave all that to the young ‘uns these days as I adopt my John Peel chin scratching pose on the sidelines and generally shuffle embarrassingly from side to side in classic dad dancing fashion.  However all 3 of us decided to bring some memories back and see if we could still cut it down the front and like riding a bike you don’t lose your skills as I quickly adjusted to the swaying, bouncing, colliding mass and managed to keep a watch above me for the crowd surfers ensuring that I didn’t suffer any boots to the face.  The band played an absolute corker of a gig and really seemed to be feeding off the energy of the crowd who likewise were loving the fun the band were clearly having.  I managed to stay front and centre the whole night which made for a tired walk back along the seafront although it was great to see all the people sat out chatting and chilling either waiting to go to the clubs or relaxing after their various nights out.

So I don’t think I’ll be heading back into the mosh anytime soon but it was great to feel that electric buzz again and connection with total strangers and friends alike who are joined together in those moments of enjoyment, thrill and belonging.  As well as the great shot at the top Phil also managed to capture these moments


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