Horrible Histories

I am essentially a big kid at heart and of course having kids of my own enables me to indulge my inner child quite frequently, none more so than watching children’s films and TV – much of which is far too intelligent and humourous to be left to the kids.  A case in point must be the brilliant Horrible Histories series tucked away on children’s BBC which is surely one of the best sketch shows on TV – Blackadder for kids is the closest description I can get.  The TV series is based on the phenomenally successful books by Terry Deary which took a factual look at historical periods and events and packed them full of what actually happened so there is death, blood, disease, famine etc etc.  In doing so Deary created a fantastic winning formula that has got kids hooked on history through his tales of the Vicious Vikings, Terrible Tudors etc.  While the books are great fun it is the TV series that really hits the spot with brilliant sketch after brilliant sketch and of course the horrible history songs.  My kids have learnt so much about history through this medium and can happily sing the outcome of all of Henry VIII’s wives.  As well as the one off sketches and songs on particular themes there are recurring sketches, my fav being the stupid deaths sketch where people queue up before the grim reaper explaining what happened to them.  So if you’ve got kids then no doubt you will be well aware of the genius of this show, if you haven’t then watch it and see how it puts most of the current crop of sketch shows and comedians to shame.

Here’s a couple of Stupid Deaths:

Classic – The Charge of the Light Brigade sketch

Mary Seacole Song

The Suffragette’s Song

Chartles II Song