The Genius of Danny MacAskill


If you open your eyes as you wander round wherever you live then there is a fair chance you have seen young guns on slightly strange looking bikes (often without saddles) attempting to jump off and onto walls and other street furniture.  They are taking their cues from one man – Danny MacAskill a seemingly nice unassuming bloke from the Isle of Sky who used to work in a bike shop in Edinburgh by day and rode every other second he had.  Thing is he didn’t just ride, he became an internet sensation after being filmed doing some of his amazing street trials and a pro contract and global fame followed.  There’s stacks of footage out there of him riding but I particularly like this short film of him riding in various locations from Edinburgh back to his home on Skye.  For me it’s not just the jaw dropping skills on offer it’s the style as well, there is a balletic grace and fluidity to his movements that is breathtaking.  I also love the way that everyday objects – phone boxes, walls, railings, pipes, seats etc become something different from their intended purpose as Danny sculpts his environment into his ultimate playground.





Incredible long exposure shots from space

NASA astronaut, Don Pettit took these stunning long exposure photographs from the orbit of the ISS during Expedition 31. The images were created by combining 18 separate long-exposure photographs of star trails and city trails from the International Space Station.

Pettit explains: “My star trail images are made by taking a time exposure of about 10 to 15 minutes. However, with modern digital cameras, 30 seconds is about the longest exposure possible, due to electronic detector noise effectively snowing out the image. To achieve the longer exposures I do what many amateur astronomers do: I take multiple 30-second exposures, then ‘stack’ them using imaging software, thus producing the longer exposure.”

They are beautiful.


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