Summer Photo Fun

Photo Credit: UCLA

So despite the rain the summer holidays are almost on us as this is the last week of term (for those of you reading this outside the UK, and incredibly there are people, most schools break for the summer at the end of this week and the kids don’t go back until the start of September).  Thinking back through the fog of time, my summer holidays consisted of 5 things 1) kicking a ball about 2) throwing stones into the river 3) lying on the sofa watching cricket 4) camping with the family somewhere 5) daydreaming.  In fact I became so good at number 5 that the skills I developed in it as a child remain strong in me to this day.

The world is of course not what it was and recently I’ve been chatting to my kids about what sort of things they might be doing over the holidays and as well as all the usual stuff we thought of coming up with a fun idea that would last throughout the 6 weeks.  The kids, partly inspired by the photo theme in the Guardian magazine each week, came up with the idea of having a different theme each week of the holidays (eg Blue, Movement etc) and we’d all take a photo and see what we could come up with.  They then suggested I put it up on the blog to see if anyone else was interested and if word spreads we could create a global summerphotofun project.

The 6 themes (one for each week) have been decided by the kids and the first one will be announced on Saturday and then each Saturday thereafter.  If you take a photo you can tweet me @ianstreet67 and use #summerphotofun and the hashtag of the weeks theme so others can see.  I’ll also retweet everything and will collate the photos and possibly put them on here at the end of each week (depends on how many we get of course, we don’t know what we are starting here!)  Then depending on what happens perhaps I could get some of my clever creative friends to create some sort of exhibition that would sum it all up at the end of the summer holidays.

This may all sound a bit wacky but even if no one else likes it our family will have a lot of fun with this.  We hope that you will as well and that you join us for some summerphotofun

The first theme has now been decided by the kids and it is – Messy – which will run from today (21 July) to Friday (27 July) and the next theme will announced next Saturday.

The second theme decided by the kids is – Float – which will run from today (28 July) to Friday (3 August).

The theme for week 3 that the kids have chosen is – Green – which will run from today (4 August) until the end of Friday (10 August)

The kids have chosen the next theme for week 4 and it is – Joy– which will run from today (11 August) untill the end of Friday (17 August)

Week 5 theme has been chosen and it is – shadow – running from today (18 August) until end of Friday (24 August)

Well I can’t believe it but we’ve got to week 6 already ! The kids have come up with the new theme for the last week and it is – Calm– which will run from today (25 August) through to end of Friday (31 August). We look forward to seeing your interpretations.