Ability not a prerequisite for fun (my 100th post)


So back in January we started this blog (and shortly after I started up a twitter account) and for me it has proved a most remarkable experience.  The act of sitting down to write something is, I’ve come to realise, a totally unique and creative experience.  There are few other areas over which you have total and utter control.  I decide whether or not I wish to write something, what it will be about, how long I take over it, what the editing process will be etc etc.  It is me and only me with no other elements to the process at all and I’ve found this experience to be very liberating and in general I’ve been happy with what I’ve come up with, clearly some posts have been better than others but that is all part of the learning process.  As the blog has developed from the initial beginnings of myself and Deano we have begun to branch out and ask other people if they would like to write posts that would fit in with the philosophy of The Orchard which is, in essence, writing about experiences and interests that bring a smile to you face.  Remarkably, slowly but surely, people began to read some of the posts and provide feedback and I’ve even been asked to write posts for Culture Vultures which has been very gratifying.

I realised that the next post that I would write (i.e. this one) would actually be my 100th post since we started and hence this short post of reflection, I’ve also been laid out flat for the last few days after hurting my back so have been unable to sit and do any writing (or anything else for that matter) but I have been able to do plenty of reflecting.  I originally wanted to write some super duper special post but totally changed my mind after thinking again about what The Orchard is all about which is about enjoyment and sharing things, ideas and experiences that we enjoy and one of the things I enjoy most is cycling (hence I write about it a bit).  Now as I’ve mentioned before I’m not a very good biker, I carry too much weight (built for comfort not speed), don’t have much bottle and my technical ability leaves a huge room for improvement but I massively enjoy it and that is the point.  Each experience I have in life I look to enjoy and I’ve realised that the blog has also helped in this as I remember all the fun I have so I can write about it which to put it simply makes me a happier person.  Yesterday I had a brief twitter exchange with Tom Hill (@24Tom) who is everything I’m not on a bike (and writes a good bike specific blog here) and he summed it all up brilliantly in a phrase which I think will become my new motto – Ability is not a prerequisite for fun !

So whatever it is that you do enjoy it, have fun and if you don’t have a space to write about it but would like to share it then contact us, come into the orchard and let the good things grow.