Summer Photo Fun – Week 1 – The Messy Collection

Well I had no idea what would happen when this 6 week project Summer Photo Fun was launched but photos have been popping in all week and I (and especially the kids) would like to thank each and every one of you for contributing and getting into the spirit of things.  What I hoped would happen has, which is really interesting interpretations of the theme, photos from different places from people I don’t know.  Each time something has popped into my timeline I feel a little shiver of excitement wondering what that photo will be and it’s been great sharing these with the kids who of course pass their critical eye.  They have taken photos that they have also contributed to those that have come in from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Norway and Australia as well of course of plenty of Yorkshire based ones.  Can you tell which comes from where though and which have been taken by kids or adults.  The very first photo was the one above of the ceiling at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas and I’ve collated all the others below (in no particular order).  When the photos were first sent in there was often a little comment of explanation (which you can see if you go to the #summerphotofun hashtag) but I’ve decided to leave them out here and just show the pure photo which I think works well.

So thanks once again for those who have contributed, hope you have enjoyed week 1 and will carry on over the next 5 weeks.  The new theme will be launched tomorrow morning (Saturday 28 July).  In the meantime have a browse at what has come in and feel free to comment.



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