Summer Photo Fun – Week 2 – Float

So the second week of the summer photo fun project saw the kids choose the theme float and a huge thank you to everyone who chipped in with photos.  I thought it was an interesting theme and was not sure what would turn up besides boats of course but there was a lovely variety of clouds, flags, sharks as you will see from the attached gallery and even the whole world floating above.  I’m really enjoying the mix of photos taken by children and adults and there are of course clearly people out there with a lovely eye.  The kids have of course been casting their critical eye over the photos and they are hugely enjoying taking part and seeing what comes in from people.  For this week I particularly liked the ‘floaty paint’ but perhaps the most poignant was the photos of the disappeared floating in the wind.  Hope you enjoy the gallery and are of course snapping away with the latest weeks theme which is Green.  There are a few photos missing in this collection as for some reason I cannot access past 7 days on the hashtag (did not realise this would be the case), so if yours is not here please retweet it and I’ll add it in.  Apologies for this but I’m learning as I go along and I’ll save the Green ones down as I go along.



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