Summer Photo Fun – Week 3 – Green


Wow what a great project this is turning out to be.  As said previously we had no idea what would happen when we started this but lovely, fun, poignant, witty, clever photos keep coming in and this week is no exception.  Unsurprisingly there is a lot of foliage in this week but every green is different.  Yves Klein may have only had one shade of blue but as I think you will agree from this selection subtlety of shade and pallet is an important concept.  No idea what my or the kids fav is this week but the stag takes some beating, although for me I love the old stones above – a perfect example of what a photograph can be.  I can’t help but look at this and think back to our ancestors who placed these in the far Northern reaches of these isles, there is a loneliness to them as if they are waiting to whisper history to those who come close, the shadows cast making them almost human like.  Beautiful and eerie.  So again thank you all for your contributions and for making this project so much fun.  Have a scroll through the gallery below and let us know what you like.  The next theme will be announced tomorrow.
























































The Gold Post Box

The Royal Mail post pox, pillar box red and one of the most iconic symbols of Britain has been undergoing a quiet revolution during these Olympic games.  Someone had, in my view, the genius idea of painting a post box gold in the home town of each gold medal winner in the UK team (they also issue a stamp in their honour as well).  This was launched with little fanfare, they just started appearing the day after the medal has been won (something else I like – win gold medal and your stamp and postbox are there the next day).  So as I came in to work this morning the painters were decamping their painting equipment from a van to paint one for yesterday’s historic gold medal by Nicola Adams the first ever female boxing gold medalist. It’s a fantastic idea I think and I will smile every time I see one of these.  How long I wonder before there is a gold post box spotting club ?