The Gold Post Box

The Royal Mail post pox, pillar box red and one of the most iconic symbols of Britain has been undergoing a quiet revolution during these Olympic games.  Someone had, in my view, the genius idea of painting a post box gold in the home town of each gold medal winner in the UK team (they also issue a stamp in their honour as well).  This was launched with little fanfare, they just started appearing the day after the medal has been won (something else I like – win gold medal and your stamp and postbox are there the next day).  So as I came in to work this morning the painters were decamping their painting equipment from a van to paint one for yesterday’s historic gold medal by Nicola Adams the first ever female boxing gold medalist. It’s a fantastic idea I think and I will smile every time I see one of these.  How long I wonder before there is a gold post box spotting club ?


4 thoughts on “The Gold Post Box

  1. Great and all but why post boxes? A modernists dream 150 years ago. Shouldn’t we be painting a wind turbine gold or a low emissions bus? I’d love a rebrand of the flag with gold in it somewhere 🙂

    • Know what you mean but I do really like them, although a gold wind turbine would be great. If they are going to rebrand the flag can we have some recognition that Wales is actually part of the UK

  2. It’s clever of the post office to highlight the dying art of snail mail in this way. A Trump Gold wind turbine would be great too! The flag may well have to be ‘rebranded’ after 2014 – replace the blue with gold – I always thought Wales got left out too.

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