Summer Photo Fun – Week 4 – Joy

So week four of the summer project and yet again massive thanks must go out to all of you who have sent in a great variety of interpretations of joy.  A clear theme emerged when I look through these photos of what brings us joy – food and drink, animals, sport children and play seem to be a common thread.  I hope you enjoy the gallery, let me know what ones you like the most.  The kids have really enjoyed this theme as it has got them thinking about how you can photograph and express joy and how other people do it.  The new theme is Shadow which could bring in all sorts we hope.  Thanks again.


4 thoughts on “Summer Photo Fun – Week 4 – Joy

  1. Lovely compilation. I want to bounce on the Stonehenge, then eat that lovely salad before getting in that car with the dangly smiley and going to the slate pub in Wales, before ending the evening toasting marshmallows! Perhaps that would be too much joy for one day though!

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