Summer Photo Fun – Week 5 – Shadow

So the penultimate week of our summer project has finished and I must say that I’m a little sad that next week will be the last week as it’s something that we have enjoyed so much and it’s brought me into contact with people that I otherwise would not.  The kids have said that this week has been their favourite theme so far and yet again a massive thank you must go out for the various photos that you have sent in.  I really enjoy the little descriptions on the tweets before I open the picture, never sure what I’m going to find and each week the photos bring little drops on sunshine into my world.  As always you have come up with some good imaginative plays on the theme, one of the pet owners explaining that the dog follows them round so much it’s like a shadow, one of my kids took a photo of a book called Shadow, there is someone in the shadow of a glacier and I particularly like the Rothkoesque one above as well as the photo of Hank Marvin (get it ?).  In a similar vein to the float theme that had a photo of the pictures of the disappeared in Argentina floating in the breeze, this week has a very poignant photo from the concentration camps – an event in history that has cast one of the longest shadows and will always move me to a place of reflection.  Anyway have a browse through the collection and let us know what you liked.  The final theme will be tweeted out tomorrow so if you are reading about this for the first time follow me via @ianstreet67 to get the theme.  For those of you who have been playing along with us I hope you stay with us for the final week and help spread the word to make it a good finale.