Summer Photo Fun – Week 6 – Calm

So incredibly the summer holidays have drawn to a close and with it our #summerphotofun project.  As I mentioned when we started this me and the kids had no idea what would happen and if anyone would show any interest, in fact it was their idea to put it on the blog to see what would happen, but these last six weeks have been really special.  People who I have not met and had no knowledge of before this have got involved and as well as the pictures I’ve started to get to know new and interesting people through this which I hope will continue.  Each week people have chipped in with their interpretations of the themes picked by the kids and it has been wonderful watching them all come in and seeing how different people all view the same subject.  My own children have grasped the idea and as well as of course coming up with each theme have submitted photos themselves every week and looked at every photo that has come in picking out their favs, so all in all it has been better than we could possibly have hoped for.

The question arises well what happens now ?  I guess to a large extent that is up to you, the people who’ve been contributing to this, would you like to continue doing something ?  I worry that if we keep to the same idea it will become stale so perhaps we simply wait till next summer and relaunch it then.  Or we could carry on with Autumn, Winter, Spring fun etc.  Not sure really so let us have feedback either by leaving comments and perhaps starting a discussion here on the blog or of course through twitter (@ianstreet67).  One thing I am toying with doing is having a small exhibition of all the photos somewhere in Leeds – If you think that is feasible and you’d be interested then again let me know.  I have no idea how you would go about doing this so if you are clever and creative and would know how to make this happen then again let me know.

Finally before looking at this weeks photos I would like to express a huge and heartfelt thank you to all of you who have contributed, it’s been great to meet you and to see the world through your eyes and I must say it looks the most amazing place.  Cheers from us all here.

So Calm was the final week, and it would seem that for many calm is expressed through the natural world around us in beautiful scenery or through art or a nice glass of something – all things that I’m very happy with.  One of the beautiful scenic photos was also taken by a six year old so I best get me coat I reckon 🙂 One new addition this week was a video clip, I consulted with the kids as to whether this could be included and they gave it the nod explaining that the clip was indeed calm so have a look through and let us know which ones you like and again, thanks.




and the final one the video clip

13 thoughts on “Summer Photo Fun – Week 6 – Calm

  1. This really has been a fun thing to do over the past few weeks – my only regret is that circumstances didn’t allow me to contribute more for the final two weeks. There are some great photos in all the themes and it would be great to continue this in some form, where commitments allow for it. Thanks for the opportunity to take part. 🙂

  2. I live on the east coast of the United States and my 10 yr old niece lives on the west coast. As I was planning for her 10 day visit, I chanced upon this blog and thought it would be a clever thing to engage her before and during the trip. Thank you for this opportunity to share our creative sides with one another.

    • Hi and thanks for the comments, how you have got involved is exactly what I hoped would happen, people I’d never heard of getting involved and linking in with family members. Thank you so much. Not sure what will happen next but it will certainly be repeated next year.

  3. I also really enjoyed all the photos posted. My niece thinks this should be extended beyond 6 weeks. I agree! (Ian – – you may combine these posts. Thanks again for the project)

  4. Reblogged this on Milners Blog and commented:
    This was so much fun to be apart of over the last six weeks, with the final theme ‘Calm’ my favourite one. Thanks again to Ian Street at Into The Orchard for such a brilliant idea, looking forward to the next ‘Photo Fun’ project?

  5. Think this has been a great idea, ESP getting this kids to choose the themes even though I’ve only contributed one photo. Enjoyed seeing what’s others interpretation of the Calm theme, great photos. Maybe once a month theme to keep it fresh? Although I do like the week by week concept like the guardian does. hmmm ponder.

    • Thanks Clare, it has been really good fun that’s for sure. Will definitely do it again next year and I’ve got my thinking cap on as to what we might do in the meantime

    • thanks, it was really good fun doing this over the summer. We are going to be doing it again over December so please feel free to join in. Kids thinking up the themes at the moment.

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