Star Wars Infographic


It won’t come as a great surprise that I love star wars.  I appreciate that it’s an incredibly cliched thing but I grew up with them, they are the original and the best and I must have watched them a zillion times over the years and of course my kids have also been indoctrinated and their favourite is Return of the Jedi.  It was great today to come across this great art and design blog and a fantastic collection of infographics of the whole series in chronological order.  They made me smile so if you are a fan then go check these out.




2 thoughts on “Star Wars Infographic

  1. Oddly enough I had my Star Wars t-shirt on today and the other day was listening to one of the young students in my class espousing the theory that the original film was a metaphor for the Vietnam war. Need to check out the blog you mention.

    • metaphor for the Vietnam war eh ? That’s one I’ve heard before, still gives me a chance to rewatch with that in mind 🙂

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