I would not believe it unless I’d seen it


Now Danny MacAskill does some truly astonishing riding but I’ve just come across this amazing little film starring Martyn Ashton.  The thing about it is that he is not riding a bike designed to do stunts with he is riding a £10,000 uber light weight carbon fibre Tour de France beast the Pinarello Dogma as ridden by Bradley Wiggins.  This is a bike designed for speed not bouncing over obstacles and Martyn’s ride over the bridge is simply unbelievable.  Don’t try this at home !



2 thoughts on “I would not believe it unless I’d seen it

  1. Finally got round to watching this – wow – I’ve seen him as part of the Animal display team a few years ago at Fort William – that was amazing enough but to do it on a road bike is phenomenal. The bridge scene had me gasping too. Thanks for sharing. :^0

    • I cannot ride on anything raised off the ground – I keep trying to do these open side stone bridges in the dales on one of my rides. Only about a 3 foot drop but my head does not compute. How he does any of this stuff is incredible and on a road bike as well.

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