Packaging Design

Packaging Design is one of those things to the non design geek probably doesn’t even register. It just exists and in some ways for it not to be noticed or talked about is a measure of success. Design in all its forms should be the perfect combination of form and function and do its job properly.

In some circles un-flashy, workmanlike design is highly regarded and in others, a more ostentatious approach is applauded. My view encompasses both schools of thought as long as ultimately it does its job. Packaging design is a very narrow discipline where the container of a product has to house it safely and protect it from harm in an efficient and cost-effective way bearing in mind the box is the supporting act not the star. In some cases it helps to sell the product or reinforce the brand and remind the purchaser that they made the right decision to buy this product.

As you would expect, Apple are masters in the packaging design world, but I’ve not picked them out on this occasion. I came across some beautifully simple and elegant packaging design for John lewis recently and really wanted to talk about how it was aesthetically lovely it was – but also how it reinforced my notions about the brand and made me want to buy some of the products, it looked that good.


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