Bike Posters

The other day I saw a random photo on twitter and it was of a bike with a bottle of pimms slung under the top tube which made me chuckle – my sort of cyclist I thought to myself.  The photo had originated from Mark Fairhurst (@MrMarkFairhurst) so I started following and then noticed that into my timeline would drop some lovely cycling images.  Delving a bit further Mark is an artist/photographer who runs zeitgeist images  producing beautiful classical pictures based around the theme of motion.  Of course the humble bicycle lends itself to this theme as a perfect fit and Mark has got a range of fantastic images that he has created.  What appeals to me about them is the whole 1920’s/30’s aesthetic which on the one hand harps back to a more innocent and chivalrous time but the content is also bang up to date – check out the image Shame below.  The nod to the sunflower drenched images of the tour is also poignantly reflected in the poppies for remembrance day.  I really like them and I’d have thought they would make the perfect gift for the cyclist in your life.


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