Miro at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

As I mentioned recently in my post on Richard Long  I feel incredibly lucky to have both the Hepworth Gallery and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park within a 20 minute drive from where I live.  The Sculpture Park is definitely my favourite place to visit, 500 acres of beautiful parkland, fantastic sculpture, innovative curation, lovely food and gifts, space, fresh air  – it’s brilliant and somewhere that I go to regularly.  It’s fantastic at any time of year but for me it’s at it’s best either in the snow or at this time of year when it’s cold but bright, you wrap up warm and enjoy the walk around the site.

At the moment there is a huge exhibition of Miro’s work, I think I read that there are over 200 pieces and it is the largest collection of his work gathered in one place.  Interestingly I don’t tend to think of Miro as a sculptor but as a painter having seen some his work in Majorca so I was interested to go along and have a look at the exhibition.  I always find it fascinating when you go to see something new (or new to me) wondering what it will be like, that voyage of discovery where you are going to have to use your eyes as a filter to your brain  and wonder what thoughts and ideas will formulate.

For me the Miro’s were really playful, and yes almost childlike in their simplicity, almost all of them appeared to interpret the human form in some way and I found it amusing how many everyday objects were included in them so much so that at one stage I found myself really drawn to what objects he had used.  I came across a peg, bar of soap, cauliflower, spoon, lots of shoes, coat hanger, tap etc.  I also noticed that many of the sculptures had a crescent moon on the top or incorporated into them – no idea what the significance of this was, perhaps someone who actually knows a bit about art could shed some light?

You can of course just go along to see the Miro’s but a lovely day meant that we could take our time and have a meander around the whole site which at the moment is like a greatest hits of sculpture – Moore, Hepworth, Nash, Goldsworthy, Gormley, Plensa, Kapoor, Long, Caro, Turrell and many many more (what can you spot in the photos below). Familiar favourites, such as Playground by the Greyworld collective triggering sound with your movements or the perfect hide and seek Promenade by Sir Anthony Caro, blend in with new discoveries (the bee library !) and now that the walks around the lakes have been completed a whole new area of the park has become accessible.  Taking the time to wander and enjoy the whole site in all it’s splendour is the perfect nourishment for body, soul and mind – the Miro is great but don’t forget there is so much more to explore and discover.


6 thoughts on “Miro at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

    • thanks for commenting. They’ve got some of Miro’s paintings as well at the exhibition but the sculptures are really interesting. The park itself is incredible and I feel so luck to have it on my doorstep.

  1. What a fantastic place to have on your doorstep! I’ve only seen brightly painted Miro sculptures before – he is a fave of mine. So many other great sculptors on show there too. Ha, just remembered, I found out in the summer my girlfriends cousin is going out with Andy Goldsworthys daughter – most of the family were not all that aware of who he is – of course, my jaw hit the floor when I found out! Anyhoo, a great post about the sculpture park. I’ll need to get down there some day.

    • yes I tend to think of Miro as being lots of colour but there were quite a few black or mono colour sculptures. Some of the most interesting stuff there was unfortunately a no pictures allowed policy. Welcome to come down for a visit any time.

    • Thanks so much Chris that is really appreciated, photos jare ust on a normal camera phone as well, nothing whizzy but they have come out well I think.

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