Don’t hold the horses !

Cipollini Bond – Behind the scene 1 from Mcipollini on Vimeo.

So not long ago I wrote about how terrible cycling adverts in general are (bet Rapha would not produce that sort of rubbish) and previewed the mighty maverick Mario Cipollini in his crazy new advert for his new range of Bond bikes.  Well they have released some behind the scenes footage of Mario on the making of the advert.  Now as regular viewers of this blog will know I have nicknamed myself the Snail from South Wales (seriously slow both up hill and down).  If you can spare a few minutes then watch how it should be done (or not depending on your point of view) as Super Mario flies down the aptly named Passo del Cipollaio in Italy.  No helmet on the great man and watch out for the bends and the edge of the road !  This comes with a health warning – don’t try this – but it gives a real insight into the downhill bike handling skills of the pro peloton (not bad for a retired rider that’s for sure).  There are other clips out there filmed from the front where Mario is a hairs breath away from the motorbike but I like the one above (listen out for the motorbike tyre squeals). Hang on and don’t hold the horses !