Mooch about Sunday


Ah …. so that is what a bike should feel like



So you forget don’t you, well I do, that feeling when you first ride your nice shiny new bike how smooth and silent everything is – it all just works.  This morning I went out to test out thoroughly all the work done by Garage Bikes on my trusty steed (which is a long way from shop new).  I wasn’t able to head out onto the trails so had to content myself with a few spins round the roads.  From the first push down on the cranks things felt reassuringly tight (and thankfully no slippage what so ever), just a responsive sure footed grip.  Next to give the gears, shifters and cables a work out and I had forgotten how much power I’d previously needed to push on the trigger to get the right gear as when I used that same thumb push I shifted about 4 jumps ! Once I settled into the new slickness I couldn’t quite believe it, feather light shifts with a tiny light touch on the lever; lovely (and this is not some fancy kit either).  It’s been a long time since the full range of gears has been available to me but now the moment of truth, new front mech (which to me are fiddly things designed by the devil to test the patience of a saint) one touch on the new shifter and big ring here we go, and down again and up again – I was grinning like a kid transported back to the first time I could ride without stabilizers – this is how it should feel on a bike.

After I tested all the bits and bobs out I just rode for while and then the silence hits you, an imperceptible whir of tyre on tarmac, cold air rushing into the lungs propelled out in clouds of Welsh dragon breath.  No rubbing, no rattle, no grinding no nothing.  Joyous, I could have been anywhere in the world at that moment as my mind felt the rush of freedom, instead of the suburban Northern streets where I actually was.  There was of course one problem and one sound – me, panting and wheezing away with a sharp ringing in my mind that I need to put some effort in to get fitter so I can really enjoy my new bike feel.  Can’t wait for the next trip out to the Dales.  Thanks Garage Bikes.