Art and Bikes #4


Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector
Mask Composition with Bike Parts and Altered Deer Skull
Materials: SRAM parts
So when it comes to choosing a bike the possibilities are almost endless and just some of things you need to think about are what type of riding you will be doing and where will you be doing it.  That will start to filter things a bit but there are still a myriad of choices – what type of suspension (if applicable); what material (steel, aluminum, titanium, carbon); are you going to buy off the peg or have one built up or what about having a frame made to measure.  Even when you narrow it down to what you want there will be numerous companies producing what you want, names that will be writ large on the bikes downtube – brands in effect that carry all that goes with that – evocative, cool, naff etc etc.
However when it comes to the main component parts that are going to propel your bike forward, change your gears and stop you then while you will still have a lot of choices to make about those components the field of producers narrows down to the three amigos – Campagnolo (the old skool Italian cool), Shimano (shiny hi tech Japanese), SRAM (brash new American kid).  Like any brand they all attract a following with their devotees swearing that their kit is the best and the companies themselves embraced in a bike part arms war.  If you want to start a row in a bike shop (or an online forum) simply declare your allegiance to one of the three over the others and watch the sparks fly.
Well what’s any of this got to do with art ?  Well as I’ve written before I feel that Bikes and Art are very much the perfect bedfellows and pretty much since the humble machines invention artists from Duchamp, Picasso and Ernst among many others have used the bike, or parts of the bike to produce thought provoking art.  SRAM have embraced this concept and have got their pART Project which invites artists to see what they can do a box of 100 SRAM bike parts.  The artwork is then auctioned off with the money going to the charity World Bicycle Relief which provides access to independence and livelihood through The Power of Bicycles and has to date put over 120,000 bikes into the field.  This year 80 artists have been invited to create either sculpture or collage and the auction is on Thursday in New York so if anyone fancies popping along and buying me a Christmas present then please feel free.  You can check out the pART Project website link above for details and examples of the work available but a few that I like are below.  I love this project and the art is everything art can be whimsical, political, poignant, provocative, baffling, abstract, surreal, fun etc.  For the bike part dudes out there – what parts can you spot?
Thanks go to super sky/star snappy Carl Milner for alerting me to this art in the first place – cheers Carl.
Go check it out and hey even if you can’t afford the art you could make a donation to World Bicycle Relief and help change someone’s life with a bike.
Destiny Allison
Gears of Hope
Materials: SRAM parts, steel, epoxy resin, paint, found objects
Ebitenyefa Baralaye
When I Spin, My Dress Spins Too
Materials: SRAM bike parts, bike wheel, plaster, ceramic shards and spray paint
Veronique Jonas
Starry Africa
Materials: SRAM parts, recycled materials, paper, plaster, hardware, oil and acrylic paints
Billie Grace Lynn
Materials: Sram parts, welded steel, bicycle inner tubes, epoxy
Eileen Hutton
Human Nature
Materials: SRAM parts
Bruce White
The Amazing Hjalmer and His Astonishing One-Person Self-Propelled Circus Machine
Materials: Bike parts, rubber tubing, aluminum wire, o-rings, nuts, washers, a brass tube, wooden dowel
Clare Murray Adams
Hidden Assets
Materials: SRAM parts, fabric, canvas, zippers, buttons, ribbon, washers, upholstery tacks, acrylic paint
Arianna Garcia-Fialdini
La cuadratura del circulo, Squaring the circle
Materials: SRAM parts, wooden pannels, watercolor pencil, glue, nails, wire, acid free watercolor paper
Mark Castator
Heart Lode
Materials: SRAM parts, used bicycle chains, silicon bronze
Alex Bogusky
Fresh Air
Materials: SRAM parts, leather, foam

4 thoughts on “Art and Bikes #4

  1. I really liked these at first look – now I think they a just a bit too corporate. If I had to favourite one it would be Human Nature. I like the drawn element in Squaring the Circle too.

    • I know what you mean but it also had me thinking – effectively this has been done to make as much money as possible so how much does that affect the artist ? The people with the serious cash will often be companies and does that reflect what may appear to be a corporate bias ? No idea just musing. I loved the project though and although I’ve only put 10 pieces on the blog it’s worth having a look at the others as there is some interesting stuff.

    • thanks for taking the time to comment, much appreciated. I liked your work and the whole project I found really interesting – bikes and art – what’s not to like but I liked the fact that you were limited in materials to the bike parts. Really hope that the auction raises some serious cash for a good cause as well.

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