December Photo Fun


Photo Credit: UCLA

Well back in the summer me and the kids decided to do a photography project, blatantly stealing the themes idea from the Guardian newspaper.  The difference for us was a) the kids were going to set the themes and b) we were going to use social media via twitter and this blog to run it.  This would help all of us to educate ourselves about these new mediums and to show the kids some of it’s incredible creative and connective possibilities.  At the time I had no idea what we were doing but realised that even if no one else took part we had a great summer holiday project.  The project for us worked really well as there was always time during the holidays when you might be at a loose end but we always had the project – either to get them looking for what they were going to take a picture of or in showing them all the pictures that came in from all over the place.  This was the most amazing thing, people I didn’t know suddenly started joining in and spreading the word.  I realised very quickly that SummerPhotoFun was the wrong theme as people in Australia started taking part (much to my kids utter bemusement).  It was also good to see other children take part through their parents, we had children in Ireland and American as well as this country put in photos.  The collections each week were amazing and are worth having a look at if you have not seen them.  The whole summer project went really well and several people asked it were going to do it again so we thought that we would link it to another holiday period but not call it Winter as we’ve realised it might not be winter where you are – hence DecemberPhotoFun

So the idea is simple, each Saturday in December i’ll tweet out the theme first thing in the morning that my kids have decided on (my address is @ianstreet67).  Take a snap and put it on twitter putting my address in the tweet and ideally using the hashtag #Decemberphotofun.  I will retweet everything and will also collate all the photos into a weekly posts on the blog.  This time round I’ll use the lovely new way of displaying photos in WordPress (and might experiment with comments as well).  So please do join us and spread the word, all are welcome, no matter what age whether you have kids or not this is about putting the social into social media.  There are some great themes, with the first one starting tomorrow.

Week 1 – Theme – Material – Close of week Friday 7 December

Week 2 – Theme – Structure Close of week Friday 12 December

Week 3 – Theme – Motion  Close of week Friday 21 December

Week 4 – Theme –Temperature  Close of week Friday 28 December

Week 5 – Theme – Magic – Close of week Friday 4 January


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