Tin Foil and SPuDs


So back in the day when I was about half the size I am now but had at least twice the hair you could tell if someone was vaguely into their cycling as they used toe clips.  I can remember the right of passage when I first strapped my feet in and pottered off into the Welsh hills, the instant ability to pull on the upstroke making a huge difference and the backwards motion to release becoming so second nature that it was the first thing I did when I got back on the bike a few years ago after a long break.

What I noticed when I returned (apart from everyone wearing helmets) was that now you could tell if someone was vaguely into things because the toeclips had gone and people were riding clipless – which means they are physically attached to the pedals through a cleat system.  I bought some (and the required shoes) and off I went to get used to this new (for me) system, only had one mishap and got used to clipping in and out pretty quickly.  My brain still wants to pull back rather than a flick out of the heal but the overall feel is the same, solidity in the pedal stroke.  I must admit however that off road I’m not as sure footed, the micro second longer it takes me to clip out means that mentally I have a bit of a panic when anything tricky comes along and I’m toying with the idea of switching to flats until my skill levels hopefully improve a bit.

Now there are a few different systems to clipless but basically off roaders and CX riders use a variant of the SPD system often referred to as SPuds or SPuDies which have the cleat recessed in the shoe enabling you to actually walk when off the bike whereas the Look roadie system renders you penguinesque when attempting to walk off the bike.

However over the last few years I’ve become aware of a serious flaw with riding clipless and that’s when the temperature drops, you have the cold metal of your pedal attached to a lump of cold metal on your shoe which transmits through to your feet leaving them painfully cold.  Overshoes can sort out the wind chill, rain and general cold but not do anything about the connection point.  Ah ha says I Twitter will have the answer.  Lots and lots of very useful suggestions came back but one simply said use tin foil.  What ! Further investigation revealed that if you cut out some tin foil and put it under your insole it prevents the cold from the metal getting through.  Well that sounded like the sort of solution I like.  Cut out and fitted last night and this morning temperature was about 3 Celsius and low and behold the tin foil did the business.  Huge thanks to the mighty @spandelles for the tip who also writes a nice cycling blog here .  So the conclusion – Tin Foil is not just for Jacket Spuds, it can keep you toes toastie and clipped into your SPuDs


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