December Photo Fun – Week 1 – Material


So over the summer we had huge fun doing this photo project whereby the kids set the theme and we see what happens.  I was unsure what would happen if we did it again over the winter (for us) or December for those of you who are lucky enough to live where it is currently warm.  I thought the kids first theme of Material was a brilliant choice but the comments I got back through twitter initially were skeptical, I think because perhaps people had one view of what material is.  However this I think is the beauty of having kids decide the theme and also take some of the photographs.

The dictionary definition of material is “the matter from which a thing is or can be made” which pretty much covers anything you want and in doing so allows you to become creative.  I think children have a fantastic way of not being constrained by the parameters that we as adults put on things and this project I think really helps to emphasize this.  The picture at the top of the page was taken by a child and is I think really beautiful.  There are others in the gallery below that are also taken by children but I think you would be hard pushed to tell which ones they are.

So Material has given us all sorts, cloth, lace, silk, zinc, wool, bullet proof vests !, vinyl, paper etc so many interesting interpretations.  Please don’t feel bad if your first look has your photo as small, I’ve set the table of photos to randomly move so each time you look the photos will be in a different order and if you click on any of the photos you will bring up a slide show of them all that you can scroll through at full size.

Do let us know what you think and which photos you like, but most importantly thank you for taking part it means a lot to us.


8 thoughts on “December Photo Fun – Week 1 – Material

  1. These are fantastic! What a great start to the project. There are some lovely abstract qualities in some of these – some great budding photograhers out there. I’ll need to investigate the tech involved so I can continue to take part. Can’t wait for theme week two. 🙂

  2. The photos look great, great mind exercise. Jake was off sick from school that day and it kept him entertained all morning, sooo much better than the telly ! Well done all!

    • thanks for commenting and glad Jake enjoyed it. It really is fantastic when I receive some photos via the parents that have been taken by the kids. They often show unique interpretation of the theme unconstrained by an adults sometimes rigid viewpoint.

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