December Photofun – Week 2 – Structure

Wow what a week this has been, almost as soon as the kids had picked the theme Structure photos were pinging in from all over the place.  In fact I found it hard to get out of the house last Saturday such was the initial flurry.  Unsurprisingly there are lots of buildings but oh what wonderous structures so many of them make and great photos taken from all sorts of angles.  Lots of iconic structures from the old of Stonehenge through to Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, via Petra in the Middle East.  It’s interesting to compare some of the new additions to our built environment like the new roof at Kings Cross or the Shard say to some of our older ones.  In fact the roof at Kings Cross very much reminds me of some of the religious archwork.  In addition we have natural structures, trees and cobwebs for example as well as sculptures and all sorts of other interpretations of what a structure is.  There are others that make you think be it the square in Berlin in remembrance of the Holocaust or the simple but quite scary looking walk over the bridge into urban Leeds, what does this tell you about how structures affect our everyday lives ?

I’m particularly indebted to the photographer Mark Fairhurst who very kindly contributed the video at the top of the post which was a preview to his exhibition on religious architecture.  It’s a beguiling film and makes you look at the structures in a whole different light, I was struck by how Mark has made, what are very old structures, appear other worldy and almost alien.  I felt like they were the photos of some distant civilization and you could easily imagine them on the set of Prometheus for example.  Stunning stuff.

This week I have not set the gallery at random so the photos are static, some are bigger than others but please don’t take this as any element of organisation on my part, I just feed the photos into the gallery and see what comes out.  If you want to see them all at original size simply click on the gallery and it should open a slideshow that you can flick through.

Huge Huge thanks to all of you who have contributed it’s kept me and the kids entertained and enlightened all week.  They choose a new theme tomorrow and I hope it gets the same response.  Do let us know which ones you liked and how DecemberPhotoFun is shaping up so far


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