December Photo Fun – Week 4 – Temperature


Firstly a belated happy Christmas to everyone I hope that this week has been as you hoped it would be.  I’ve had a lovely few days but have not been blogging much (which I will rectify over the next few days).  I must admit I was not sure if any photos would come in this week as obviously people have had plenty of other things occupying theme but amazingly we’ve had a good few entries for the the theme of Temperature that the kids set for the week.  I really enjoyed the contrast between the hot and cold images, beautiful frosty and crisp photos set against cosy warm log fires and sunsets.  As always of course there were some lovely interpretations, foods, spices (in the photo above), thermometers and a clever play on the subject with photos from a climate change demo.  It also includes a frankly disturbing photo of a hand covered in burning candle wax from someone taking their devotion a bit too seriously for my liking.

Again a huge thanks to all of you young and old who have taken to the trouble to send photos in this week of all weeks, it’s really appreciated.  Do let us know which photos you have also enjoyed.  Despite most of next week being January we will be running the final week of photo project as tomorrow, when the theme is announced, is still in December.  I hope you’ve all enjoyed it and that the last week will be a memorable one.


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